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Racing community Altensteiner Oberland

The team behind the race introduce themselves

the  non-profit  racing community  Altensteiner  upland  registered association  in the  ADAC  (RSG) was founded in 2001 by active drivers to create a community appearance for drivers  to the  Altensteiner  upland  to represent.  In  2003  became  the  thought  born  an own  hill climb event  on  Base  the  tradition  the  hill climb  in  to discharge Thuringia.

The beginnings

in the  year  2005  became  first time  again  mountain racing  in  the  region  around  the  Inselsberg operated.  the  Association  could  therefor  with  many  energetic  members,  partners,  friends and  sponsors  as  the  support  of  country  Thuringia  the  route  between Winterstein  and  the  Ruhlaer  ski lodge  as  longest  hill climb track  of Germany  Remove. Already  in  2008  became  the  preparations  for  the  new construction  the  legendary  Glasbach mountain race track between Bad Liebenstein/Steinbach junction and Glasbachstein hit.


From the Rennsteig back to the Glasbach

countless  hours  and  a  higher  financial  effort  became  from  the  members of the association,  around  the  new  hill climb track  develop  to  permit.  The  specially  developed route protection system  celebrated  at  the  rebirth  of the Glasbach race  2011  its premiere.this   extraordinary   engagement   stayed   even   at the   responsible world motor sport association  FIA  not  unnoticed  and  led  to the  award  of  highest  predicate  the European Mountain Championship  (EBM),  under  to the  the  Altensteiner racing community  upland  registered association  well  beautiful  since  2013  annually her  international  Glasbach race allowed to carry out.

A success-story

The international Glasbach race is now held on Germany's longest and Europe's most modern mountain race track. Next to  to the  hill climb  involved  yourself  the  RSG  at  events  the  city  Bad Liebenstein  and  of  supporting association  ADAC.  each  year  are  the  members  at  numerous events  active  or  at  whose  organization  involved,  how  to the  example  to the  children and   family party   the   city   bath   lovestone,   the   fair in   Steinbach,   handing over safety vests to school beginners or numerous promotional events.

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The leadership team

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